"The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.”

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.”


Whatever your business objectives are, we’re here to provide the comprehensive IP strategies and solutions to help move you closer to your goals. Whether it’s utilizing our 75+ years of cumulative IP experience to research and write a successful patent application, or providing counsel on how to best position your IP for maximum profitability, our job is to eliminate obstacles and mitigate risk in order to facilitate your business success. Helping you get better at what you do, is what we do best.

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In today’s ever-changing global economy, it’s more important than ever for companies to protect their intellectual property. Being able to develop and implement unique ideas, products, and technologies to establish a competitive advantage can determine a company’s long-term success or failure.

However, bringing a new product or technology to market isn’t easy, and can often create additional, unforeseen challenges that impact a number of different areas of business, from manufacturing to marketing. With so much at stake, it’s imperative for companies to find an IP partner with the depth of experience, tools, and commitment needed to successfully navigate the IP process. Pedigo Law has the expertise, capabilities, and track record to do just that.


As the managing partner at Pedigo Law, Paul Pedigo has a distinguished background in IP law. His multi-disciplinary IP experience includes stints at top-tier corporate firms in Chicago and Charlotte, as well as several major international organizations. Paul has helped clients preserve and protect their intellectual property in over 70 countries. His expertise extends to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, optics, life sciences, bio-tech, packaging, and complex machinery.


Managing Attorney


Sidney Persley

IP Attorney


Sidney Persley began his career as a chemical engineer, and was part of the technical team that developed the manufacturing process for Humulin, the world’s first synthetic insulin. As an attorney, Sidney has worked as in-house counsel for a number of multi-national organizations including Exxon and Eli Lilly. Thanks to his diverse background as both an innovator and facilitator, Sidney has a unique understanding and ability to bring proprietary ideas to life. 

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We manage an array of factors that help businesses establish, protect, and maintain their trade identities.

Trade Secrets

Protecting trade secrets requires a thoughtful plan to safeguard proprietary R&D, customer lists, and business plans, before problems arise.

due diligence

For buyers and sellers of IP, and for companies seeking investors, hiring IP counsel to perform due diligence is an essential step to maximizing your IP dollars.

legal opinions

A well-researched and written legal opinion will increase the likelihood of your success when attempting to establish IP.


It’s not necessary to register a copyright, but it’s highly recommended to enhance your rights of enforcement against potential copyright infringement.


At Pedigo Law, we’ve secured hundreds of patents in a wide variety of technologies and fields.



A well-written transactional agreement for licensing or collaboration is mandatory to protect your interests when sharing intellectual property.

IP Counsel

We have the tools and expertise to provide counsel in a wide array of IP topics.

IP Management

Successful IP management requires clear, concise strategies and practices, and the expertise of an experienced legal adviser with the tools to establish and maintain IP.

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+ Industries Served

This is what success sounds like:

"Paul is a top ranked IP lawyer who is very professional and competent. Our mutual clients have also been pleased to find that Paul is very service oriented, and he meets the practical business needs of clients, as well as the legal aspects of representation. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul in a sophisticated intellectual property or trade secret matter to a client."

W. Curtis Elliott, Jr., Esq.

Partner at Culp Elliott & Carpenter, PLLC

"Pedigo Law Firm knows what they’re doing. Paul is experienced and knowledgable. He will help our company with its future patent work."

Jody V. Parks

Manager Member of Parks Masonry, LLC

"I have continued to work with Paul throughout my time in the US and Switzerland, both as an academic and entrepreneur. He is persistant and an attorney who is not afraid to contest the opinion of a patent examiner. He goes the extra mile for his clients."

David Hunkeler

Director of aquaTECH

"Paul Pedigo’s reputation in patent law was attractive to us here at Avadim Health, Inc. from the start. Paul is always a phone call away and willing to help no matter what challenges arise. Pedigo’s unique insights have enabled us to patent innovations that we were not even aware of being novel and inventive. With his professionalism and wisdom our patent applications have brought successful filings, we have great confidence in Pedigo Law Firm for filings to come."

Steve Woody

CEO and Founder of Avadim Health, Inc.

"My companies are very pleased with the quality of work at Pedigo Law Firm. They did a phenomenal job for Parks Waterproofing, LLC, and we could not have asked for better patent work. I am immensely grateful for Pedigo's continued counsel and since working with them, we now have two patents issued."

Jody V. Parks

Manager Member of Parks Masonry, LLC


Everything you need to pursue the results you want

Paul, Sidney and their support team give Pedigo Law clients every opportunity for IP success. With over 75 years of combined experience, Paul and Sidney have written patents that have resulted in billions of dollars for the parties they’ve represented. As lead attorneys, they offer their clients a personal, hands-on approach, acute attention to detail, and expertly researched and written materials – all of the key ingredients needed to achieve successful IP results. 


You don’t need a big, spendy firm to represent your interests. Pedigo Law offers a smarter approach to intellectual property law and management, delivering the expertise of a corporate firm with the value of a boutique.  

our take on ip law

When making the decision to hire an IP attorney, there are a lot of choices. Read why Pedigo Law has the seasoned experience your team needs. Check out our blog for answers to common IP questions along with commentary on the latest IP news.

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The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters, and email. Contacting the Firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to the Firm until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. Many inventions are not patentable and many patented inventions are not successful in generating sales. Sales of patented products may be due to a variety of factors and success for one patent or license agreement should not be considered representative or typical of results you might expect based on a patent obtained or license written by this firm.  Example(s) will only be provided to demonstrate work product and with the client’s permission.

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Our Office

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Office: 704-522-7415

Cell: 704-562-4215